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March 29th

Rescue Lauren Daigle

I love this song as l believe God is trying to Rescue me from the path that Satan is trying to pull me back into. The war that goes on in my mind God is working on me to rescue me from total possession from the devil. God is rescuing me and letting me know not to be afraid.

- Camille Ashley


March 22nd

So Will I - Hillsong Worship

I like the lyrics that point to the magnificence of how & what God has created and that our purpose is to worship Him. 

- Janet Lisitano


March 15th

Your Great Name - Todd Dulaney

Because it really magnifies the greatness of God and allows me to focus on his goodness.

- Aaron Aikins


March 8th

There is No Way - Ricky Dillard

This song describes a fact of life in my life. 

- Emmanuel Smith


March 1st

I Need You To Survive - Hezekiah Walker

This song goes beyond basic praise and worship to me. This is truly how I try and live daily period. It dwells more in connection and understanding that we not only need God for inspiration and help but people of faith to survive daily struggles, over come obstacles and maintain sound principles within ourselves. If we focused to lyrics to this song, implemented them into our subconscious and truly strived towards a common purpose, goal and vision...what can stop us?

- Veltris Patterson


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