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Couples Ministry


The Couples Ministry organizes functions that enhance and enrich the marriage covenant. The vision of this ministry is:

  • To equip and strengthen marriages by helping couples discover God's plan for their marriage as well as their unique roles as husband and wife through the study of His Word

  • To encourage and support couples in their marriage relationship 

  • To connect couples with other couples in the Body of Christ through fellowship so they can continually support and encourage one another


God established the full potential of marriage by the way He created both Adam and Eve with their specific roles. He declared Himself married to His people with Jesus repeating that declaration with regard to the Church. A parallel theme is that of the Lord as head and His people as His body. This is a theme which Paul develops fully in Eph. 5 in the specific roles given to husband and wife in marriage. Such roles are possible only with a Christian husband and wife and are simply not interchangeable, no more than the relationship between Christ and the Church is.


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