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We invite you to join in Shiloh’s March Madness program for 2016 – 31 DAYS of PRAISE

“If you’re just beginning to praise and worship, you’re on the threshold of a great adventure. You’ll find that your gracious, mighty, and majestic God is delightful beyond imagining. You’ll discover what a high privilege it is to praise Him! And whether you’re a beginner or someone who has long understood the benefits of praise, you’ll find that the more you glorify the Lord, the more He will refresh you and deepen your experience of Him.” - Ruth Myers



March 13th:

Praise is What I Do by William Murphy

I've loved this song. It represents why we were created and through good and bad I vow to praise Him. - Debra Harrison


As I'm drumming, I get overwhelmed in worship and I feel as if The Holy Spirit speaks to me and I'm not afraid to worship...I focus on Jesus and the words of the song. - Collin Gordon


Because it reminds me that through my circumstances, problems, and issues that I'm  facing, He's still Good. He gave me His all so I can have life. He's deserves that much to be Praised and more. Our present suffering is not worthy to be compared with glory that will be revealed in us.

- Jose Rivera


March 14th:

Worth Fighting For by Brian Courtney Wilson

God is saying stay in the race; eyes haven't seen ears have't heard all You have planned for me; there is so much more worth fighting for nothing can separate me from your love. This is a few of the lyrics of the song. Sometimes we feel like we're getting weak but then God tells us that His peace is worth fighting for. He tells us over in glory hallelujah our new home is worth fighting for. When I sing along with the artists I am encouraging myself and I feel God's Spirit ministering to me letting me know I know it's tough my child but it's all worth fighting for. Amen - Valarie Smith 



March 15th:

One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture

It lifts my spirits when I feel down. Some of the lyrics are "your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me" - Sonji Intagliata


March 16th:

I Give Myself Away by William McDowell

It's a song that sings to my heart and soul. It's a constant reminder of Humility, Sacrifice, and God's Grace for His people. - Lorenzo Aikens


March 17th:

It Will Be Worth It by Gaithers

It gives us hope in this difficult world. We will see Jesus and hear Him say well done.

- Claire Johnston


March 19th:

Just Be Held by Casting Crowns

This song helps to anchor me in a mental state of peace when life's demands try to unsettle my tranquility. I find strength in knowing God's strong arms are holding me and He is taking care of everything big and small. I share this song to help others who are stressed to trust God. He is awesome! - Pastor Donna Hylton


March 18th:

Multiplied by NeedtoBreathe

I like this song because it paints a picture of God's love. The lyrics are so clear and powerful it just takes you to another level. - Leandra Hylton



March 20th:

You Raised Me Up by Josh Groban

I believe that God has lifted me up from a life of pain and sorrow. Now I feel like I can do anything with His love and understanding. Just a small bit of his  grace and mercies. ​

-Camille Ashley



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