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We invite you to join in Shiloh’s March Madness program for 2016 – 31 DAYS of PRAISE

“If you’re just beginning to praise and worship, you’re on the threshold of a great adventure. You’ll find that your gracious, mighty, and majestic God is delightful beyond imagining. You’ll discover what a high privilege it is to praise Him! And whether you’re a beginner or someone who has long understood the benefits of praise, you’ll find that the more you glorify the Lord, the more He will refresh you and deepen your experience of Him.” - Ruth Myers



March 21st:

Worthy is the Lamb by Brooklyn Tabernacle

This song reminds me of Christ's love for us and the price He paid to save us - His life. He is worthy of my praise & worship. - Helen Holman

March 22nd:

Ancient of Days by Ron Kenoly

It worships God - Vinnie Johnston

March 23rd:

Good Fight by Unspoken

This song is about keep fighting the good fight and don't give up. - Kathy Nagle


March 24th:

The Potter's Hand by Darlene Zschech

Because in private devotions the words always express my heart and bring me into the presence of the Lord. - Kay Randall


March 25th:

So What If I by Caleb Andews

This song is one of many favorites that I have. I love this song because it gets to the root of all we do. It doesn't  matter how much we serve, preach, sing, or witness, if we failed to stay connected to Jesus. We should serve, preach, sing, witness, from a place of intimacy with Jesus. - Ramona Hylton


March 26th:

Never Would've Made It by Marvin Sapp

I like this song because it reminds me that God is there for us during the good and bad times. 

He provides us with strength (He is our footprints in the sand). - Lisa Higgins



March 27th:

The Anthem by Planet Shakers

Its tells you that death could not hold our Lord and Savior. - Shaun Bourne


-Inez Richardson


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