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We invite you to join in Shiloh’s March Madness program for 2016 – 31 DAYS of PRAISE

“If you’re just beginning to praise and worship, you’re on the threshold of a great adventure. You’ll find that your gracious, mighty, and majestic God is delightful beyond imagining. You’ll discover what a high privilege it is to praise Him! And whether you’re a beginner or someone who has long understood the benefits of praise, you’ll find that the more you glorify the Lord, the more He will refresh you and deepen your experience of Him.” - Ruth Myers



March 28th:

Different Drum by Blanca

This song encourages me, reminds me of the God I serve & what I can accomplish through Him.
- Adriana Crippen

March 29th:

I Will Always by Martha Munizzi

Because He is my life, my love and my all. He is my Keeper, when the tests of life could have put me in a straight jacket. Hallelujah!!!! - Mary Haynes

March 30th:

Take My Life & Let it Be by Frances Ridley Havergal

 - Mary Lamb


March 31st:

Total Praise by Richard Smallwood

 This is my favorite worship song because the words and the melody work together to transcend me from everyday existence and requires me to meditate on what really matters in life. Each and every time I hear this song I cry, and release baggage, then renew my faith by the end of the song.

- Tonisha Jones

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